Sensor System

New technology for evaluating the risk of plastic shrinkage cracking

The Research and Transfer Center at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences in Germany developed a Capillary Pressure Sensor System (CPSS) for the on-site measurement of the capillary pressure in plastic concrete, i.e., during the first few hours after casting. On the basis of the measurement results, it is possible to evaluate the cracking risk, to estimate the demand for curing measures, and to prove the efficiency of the same.

The sensors are applied directly to fresh concrete surfaces. This appears to be not very time-consuming since the sensor system may be set up prior to the construction process. The latter is not hindered due to the wireless data transmission to a base station which is connected to a computer. By using the measurement software, the data may be displayed in real time and recorded. Critical situations may be identified on the basis of predefined threshold values and indicated by the software or, optionally, by a light signal.


Some facts about the CPSS:

  • The wireless capillary pressure sensors are sending the measured data to the base station via radio transmission (frequency 2.4 GHz, no permission required).
  • Under optimal conditions, the radio transmission range of the sensors is 100 m.
  • With fully charged batteries, the wireless sensors may operate for at least 24 hours.
  • The measured data may be displayed in real time and recorded.

The CPSS consists of

  • 4 or 8 wireless sensors for measuring the capillary pressure in the liquid phase of plastic concrete,
  • 1 base station which may be connected to a computer via USB,
  • 4 or 8 charging pads for the wireless charging of the capillary pressure sensors,
  • transport box,
  • filling set,
  • User Manual, Quick Guide, and software.

Order options

Basic setCPSS 1
  • 4 capillary pressure sensors
  • 1 base station
  • 4 battery charging pads
  • CPSS 2
  • 8 capillary pressure sensors
  • 1 base station
  • 8 battery charging pads
  • OptionsCapillary pressure sensorIndividual sensor as an addition to an existing set
    Concrete temperature sensorIndividual sensor as an addition to an existing set
    Warning lightBase station with integrated warning light
    GPSBase station with integrated GPS receiver for positioning

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